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  I have assginment which is respopnse is :

You are charged with the responsibility of producing a response paper to a scenario facing Nairobi, Kenya.  Please see the attached scenario, “Urbanization, Poverty, and the Basic Needs in Nairobi, Kenya” and in a 600-900 word statement, please respond to the following questions:

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1) What are the benefits of the KENSUP plan in meeting the basic needs of the residents of Kibera?

2) To what extent are there concerns from Kibera residents about the KENSUP plan?

3) What issues continue to persist under the KENSUP plan?  Will it comprehensively alleviate the conditions in Kibera?

4) What are some proposed solutions that can be used to improve the KENSUP plan?

In crafting your statement, please feel free to utilize the resources that are listed at the end of the scenario in addition to other sources that you might find online or in hard copy.  As always, please make appropriate citations (you must give credit in paraphrasing or quoting text from others! If not, it’s plagiarism!)

Please double-space your response paper and write in 12 point font.  Please also be sure to make appropriate citations (you must give credit in paraphrasing or quoting text from others! If not, it’s plagiarism).


Here are some resources that can help you respond to this scenario:

Achungo, B. (2014). “The Social Transformation of the People Living in Kibera Slum In Nairobi County following the Kenya Slum Upgrading Programme.” Master of Arts Thesis in Development Anthropology of the University of Nairobi.

Mauraguri, L. (2012). “Kenyan Government Initiatives in Slum Upgrading.” HAL.

VIDEO: Kenyan houses built under KENSUP handed over to 800 Kibera Residents:

VIDEO: Global 3000: Kenya Slum Upgrading Programme:

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