You will construct a working history from recent and ancient climate change evidence and discuss how this is measured then, you will explain what the significant effects of climate change are and what variables drive them. 

In looking at potential impacts, what are the different scenarios of imminent change and the positive versus negative consequences, based on models of uncertainty?  

 I. History of Climate Change 

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a) What is the evidence for recent change? What measurements can be made? 

b) What is the evidence of ancient change? What measurements can be made? 

c) What history can be reconstructed from the evidence? 

II. Potential Impact of Climate Change 

a) What are the major effects (with regional examples) of climate change driven by these three main variables? 

i. Rising global temperatures 

ii. Use of fossil fuels 

iii. Use of nuclear power 

b) What are the different scenarios for imminent change based on the uncertainty ranges of our best model predictions? 

c) What are the various regional positive versus negative consequences bounded by our models of uncertainty?  

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