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Your company will hold a National Convention of all of the executive staff members from all 15 locations of the company in the U.S. next week. The CIO has chosen the topic, “IT Security Awareness” and has chosen you to create and deliver the presentation with an Executive Summary at one of the Executive Round Table Meetings at the convention. Additionally, the CIO has stressed you use creativity to make the presentation as interesting as possible.

Create a 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. Include the following:

All of the following topics (you may change the order of the topics):

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Information is a valuable asset to a company

Risk Management is necessary to reduce losses

Identifying vulnerabilities is a valuable first step

What is an organization security policy?

Who are regulatory organizations?

List at least 3

Social networking

Three potential risks

Three potential threats

Is the SDLC involved with reducing threats? How?

Why is the Cloud so feared?

Is hacking an ethical issue?

Four methods for securing information assets

Key elements if an IT Security Policy

How does encryption work? Why is it considered a premier tool in IT Security?

Five different jobs that deals with IT Security

Three certifications that are very good to have

Auditing is a tool in preventing risks

Define information assurance and security

Employee awareness is necessary for success. Why?

Describe and explain the key elements of recovering from lost assets

What are Internet connected systems? Describe five examples

Two jobs in IT Security that will grow quickly this year

Do not use research quotes or acronyms. You must use your own words.

Videos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate

Substantial speaker notes to elaborate on the key points of your plan

Audio narration within your presentation

APA Formatting as needed

Create a 1-page Microsoft® Word Executive Summary on this presentation. Include the following: 

Goals and objectives of the presentation in summary form

Adequate references to support your findings, information, and opinions

APA Formatting

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