Hum 3710 mod 3 question set


Third Question Set

250 words each question

Provide answers to the five  questions below. (Note: on questions one through four you should not praise or criticize the authors you discuss. The point of those questions is to explain them, not to state whether you agree or disagree.)  

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    – 1. Kant does not believe that animals can have rights. Why doesn’t he think so? And despite his denial of animals’ rights, he doesn’t think we can just treat animals however we want. Again, why doesn’t he think so? Explain his view of our moral or immoral treatment of animals.    

   – 2. What does Singer mean by saying that all animals are equal? What does he mean by “speciesism,” and how is it like racism and sexism?    

   – 3. Steinbock defends a speciesist approach to morality. Why does she reject Singer’s view? And on what grounds does she think that speciesism is justified?    

   – 4. Norcross believes Steinbock’s argument in favor of speciesism fails. Why does he reject her view? And on what grounds does he believe that animals are required to be given full moral status?     

  – 5. What kinds of treatment of animals do you consider morally acceptable, and what kinds of treatment of animals do you consider morally unacceptable? And why is your view of this correct? 

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