Identify and implement business innovation

Identify and implement business innovation
1. Research the market on existing implementation of the e-business solutions in the same industry.
2. Analyse the benefits of implementation of e-business in the given scenario, the customer base and their acceptance to the e-business solution.
3. Analyse and assess the areas of opportunities in the given scenario that can be transformed in to an e-business model. Analyse the risks involved in implementation of the e-business.
4. Set a target and goals for the project Document your assessments and analytics, your findings and recommendations.
5. Design and document the e-business solution proposed for the given scenario. Perform a cost benefit analysis for the proposed solution.
6. Describe the integration in to the existing business.
7. Describe the monitoring and review process of the implementation, the targets and performance criteria to successfully operate the e-business.
8. Produce Innovations strategy report addressing all tasks 1 to 7.
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