Overview: For this final section of your marketing plan, write a paper that addresses how you intend to implement, evaluate, and control (IEC) all of the marketing activities that are described throughout your marketing plan. Implementation is the process that turns a marketing plan into specific action assignments and it ensures that these assignments are carried out in a way that accomplishes the objectives that were set early on in the marketing planning process. The evaluation part of IEC gauges the extent to which the marketing objectives have actually been achieved during a specified time period that is determined by the marketing manager. Lastly, control provides the mechanisms for evaluating marketing results in light of the marketing plans goals as developed earlier. This provides for correcting actions that do not help the organization reach these goals within budget guidelines. Therefore, the IEC section of the marketing plan is forward-looking and turns the marketing plan into action assignments. Common reasons for failing to achieve marketing objectives include unrealistic marketing of objectives that were developed in the first place, inappropriate marketing strategies into the plan, poor implementation of the plan, and changes that have taken place in the marketing environment after the plan has been developed. Therefore, the implementation, evaluation, and control section of the marketing planning process serves as a checks and balances for actual plan performance. In this section of your marketing plan you will need to specifically address how you intend to implement, evaluate, and control your marketing plan going forward. Therefore, be specific about the activities you intend to put in place to accomplish this, including a time schedule in which you will operate. This milestone is due in Module Nine. Guidelines for Submission: Short paper assignments must follow these formatting guidelines: Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and APA formatting. Page length requirements: 3–4 pages.

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