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Installation Exercise


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The purpose of this assignment is to download the source code for a project, in this case 4th, and build it on ANY SERVER. 4th is an implementation of the programming language “forth”. You do not need to know anything about “forth” to complete this assignment.


· In addition to building the “4th” system, you will be asked to record certain events below. You will save the recorded information in an ASCII file named “4th_log.txt”. The file, “4th_log.txt”, must be located in the following directory: $HOME/itec400/homework

· Create the following directory:


This directory will be used to hold the files needed to build 4th.

· Downloaded the compressed “tar” file on The full path to the file is: /export/home/dandrear/public_html/itec400/Misc/4th-3.3d2-unix.tar.gz

· Copy the “tar” file into your “4th” directory.

· Unpack the “tar” file using the ‘tar’ command. Remember, this file is also compressed, so unpack the file as follows:

o Uncompress the file using gunzip: gunzip 4th-3.3d2-unix.tar.gz

o Unpack the tar file

tar xf 4th-3.3d2-unix.tar

· You should now see a new directory named “4th-3.3d2”.

· cd 4th-3.3d2

· Record in “4th_log.txt” the size of the file “readme.txt”.

· cd sources

· Take a look at the file: Makefile and find the target named ‘4th’.

· Record in “4th_log.txt” the prerequisites for the target ‘4th’.


· Use the “make” command to build the product.

· If everything worked okay, “make” should have created an executable file called “4th”.

· Record in “4th_log.txt” the size of the executable named “4th”, in bytes.

· Copy the “4th” executable to the following directory: $HOME/itec400/homework/4th/4th-3.3d2

· cd $HOME/itec400/homework/4th/4th-3.3d2

· Now we are ready to try it out. When you run “4th”, it will place you in its own environment. Please follow the steps below.

· Make sure you are in “$HOME/itec400/homework/4th/4th-3.3d2”

· At the UNIX prompt, type: 4th You should see the following:

4tH System V4.5a – (c) 1994,2003 HanSoft & Partners

(S)creen file: new.scr

(O)bject file: out

(E)dit (C)ompile (R)un (A)rguments

(Q)uit (G)enerate (B)uild (D)ecompile

The “>”character is the prompt within the 4th system.

· At the “4th” prompt, type: s

· You should now be prompted to enter a “Screen file name”

· At the “Screen file name” prompt, type: examples/romans.4th

You have just loaded the script “romans.4th” from the “examples” directory, which is below your current directory. This script will convert Arabic numerals to Roman Numerals (for example 4 to IV).

· At the 4th prompt, type: r


The script should be running now. Just type in a number and see the script perform the conversion. After the conversion, the script will return to the 4th prompt. You can type “r” again to rerun the script

· Another fun script is “keirsey.4th”. This script will ask you a series of questions and determine your personality type based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. To run this script do the following:

· At the 4th prompt, type: s

· At the “Screen file name:” prompt, type: examples/keirsey.4th

· At the 4th prompt, type: r

· The script will ask you a lot of questions about your personality and finally, it will identify your personality type.

· The source code for these and other examples are located at: $HOME/itec400/homework/4th/4th-3.3d2/examples

Remember that the source is in “forth”

· If you are interested in the “forth” language, there is a tutorial at:

$HOME/itec400/homework/4th/4th-3.3d2/documentation/ Primer.txt

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