Weekly written assignments are to be written in a formal, academic, expository (research) manner. There is no need for an abstract in the weekly written assignments. The weekly written assignments should be written in APA format with appropriate credible, academic, peer reviewed references/citations. The written assignment topic can be of your choosing as long as it’s from subject material we have studied. The weekly essay should be a short 1 to 2 page expository essay. This does not include the title page or reference page (per APA). Information on expository writing and an APA sample paper will be posted for your use. The sample paper will provide you with information about format and writing style. Please read the syllabus carefully to determine the grading criteria for the written assignments. I would highly recommend that you visit the Purdue OWL writing lab web site and click on the “site map.”  There is a wealth of information about writing on that site.  ( )

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