Internet Research Discussion – Transportation

Internet Research Discussion – Transportation

Book Name: Coyle/Novack/Gibson/Bardi.Transportation: A Supply Chain Perspective, 7e Edition. ISBN-13: 9780324789195

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Chapter 1 – Internet Research Discussion – Transportation

Internet research mini-project instructions:

This work contains 2 parts (1st do research and write post about the result of the research & 2nd part is to respond to 2 student writing that I will share with once you finish from the 1st part).

1. Do a 15-minute search on the internet and find something to talk about that is related to Chapter 1 (Internet Research Discussion – Transportation) it can be anything!

2. Then, write you post and your results in at least 250 words.

3. Also, I will share 2 students’ text-writing and you need to write a respond to these students with questions, comments, etc.

Clearly document your sources and cite them properly.

Some addresses that you can look at are below, but you certainly do not need to be confined to these:

United States Department of Transportation:

Research and Innovative Technology Administration:

Maritime Administration:

National Transportation Library:

Bureau of Transportation Statistics:

The 1st part must be done in 24 hours, and then the 2nd part is in the following 24 hours too. the entire work must be done in less than 48 hours.

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