Introduction to creativity development guide for parents and families

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For this assignment, you will design an Introduction to Creativity Development Guide for Parents and Families. Follow the steps below:

  1. Choose a product or medium for your Creativity Development guide (e.g., brochure,  flipbook, Prezi Present presentation, infographic, etc. — be creative!).
  2. Come up with your top ten (10) tips for creativity development in the home (based on research).
  3. You must include research to justify your ten (10) selections (in-text citations must be used).
  4. You must provide practical examples of what this looks like (e.g., going on a field trip to the museum or library to express value for creative individuals).
  5. Include a reference page in APA 7 format on a Word document separate from the product you create.

????????⭐‼️Remember your audience — parents and families. Please be considerate of your use of education jargon. Use language and terminologies they will understand (they are not experts). Also, make it visually appealing by incorporating relevant visuals and a creative theme or design.

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