Journalism help (one journal entry) when considering a story idea,


Journalism help (one journal entry)

When considering a story idea, ask yourself what sort of documents might exist, and where would you most likely find them?Your first source should be the person or organization that you plan to write about. You most likely can find them online. What sort of documents and information is provided on the website? Are there annual reports, news releases, studies and statistics?Are there professional watchdog groups or government agencies that might compile the sort of information that you need?Are there any religious organizations or charities that keep records that might lend some insight into your topic?Have other media done stories that might help you with your own research?Do local public libraries or academic libraries have special collections or databases that you can access?

Journal entries should include the following:

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A one-sentence description of your story idea and a short paragraph describing the sorts of places you looked for appropriate nonhuman sources

A list of four possible nonhuman sources 

Links to where you found the possible nonhuman sources or a description of where you found them offline

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