Kaplan it460 unit 10 assignment 25014


Assignment 10


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Outcomes addressed in this activity:

? Complete final assignment

Course Outcomes:

? IT460-1 Compare various types of information systems.

? IT460-4 Practice team dynamics by participating in a role play activity.

Assignment Instructions:

Please complete the following assignments using MS Word. Save the assignment as Final

Assignment.doc and place it into the Unit 10 Final Assignment Drop Box. Ensure all

group members have checked the final assignment before it is submitted. Submit only

one Final Assignment per group.


Click here to access the “SCR-TIMS Work Session Link”.

Part 1: System Architecture Tasks

1. Visit SCR’s data library to review SCR’s network configuration and then send Jesse a

recommendation for the TIMS system architecture. She wants me to suggest an

overall network topology solution. She also asked me to comment on these issues:

legacy data, Web-centricity, scalability, security, and batch processing that might be

needed. Jesse said it was OK to make reasonable assumptions in my proposal to her

(SCR-TIMS, Work Session, Session 10,- To Do List #2).


This includes providing a detailed description of a client/server architecture. Assignment

should also show distinction between 2 tier and 3 tier network and select one for

recommendation. A detailed analysis of network topology includes definition and what is

being proposed for the client. Assignment should give a definition of what legacy data

entails and how it affects the assignment and what is being recommended for the new

system. It also should explain what web-centricity means and what the assignment will

entail regarding the web as opposed to a purely non-web architecture and GUI’s. Please

describe in detail what scalability, security and batch processing means and how each

will be implemented for the client. This can be done with flow charts and/or descriptions.

2. Prepare a design specification document as Jesse requested (SCR-TIMS, Work

Session, Session 10,- To Do List #4). Assignment Grading Rubric

Course: IT460 Unit: 10 Points: 140



Copyright Kaplan University

Assignment should give a detailed explanation of what a design specification is and

created one for the client that entails via description and diagrams what the system will

be comprised of after implementation.

Part B: Systems Implementation

1. Need to develop a testing plan that includes unit testing, integration testing, and

system testing as Jesse requested in her message. Also, draft a reminder to all IT

staff members about the importance of careful documentation (SCR-TIMS, Work

Session, Session 11,- To Do List #2).

Assignment should describe in detail the different types of testing that a system goes

through in the development of a system as well as during implementation and go-live.

The assignment should include a list of the roles that will be involved in the testing and

what mechanisms will be used for each testing process.

Part C: Systems, Operation, Support, and Security

1. Another issue: capacity planning! Jesse wants my input on the importance of capacity

planning for TIMS. Draft a message with my views.

Assignment should describe what capacity planning is and make a recommendation for

whether it should be included in the assignment and why or why not. What would

capacity planning entail and who would be involved.

Assignment requirements:

When your professor reviews your work, they will approach your paper from a “Business

Executive’s” perspective. That means that you will have to address each of the items

below in terms that not only demonstrate your thorough understanding of the topic but

do so in terms that a business leader would understand.

Deliverables for each item below, the following three items must be addressed:

1. A detailed explanation of the particular topic in terms that demonstrate you

thoroughly understand the topic and have used terms that a business leader would


2. Your proposed solution for TIMS

3. Defense of your solution with actual data/information from our assigned Case

Study. Assignment Grading Rubric

Course: IT460 Unit: 10 Points: 140



Copyright Kaplan University

Assignment topics that must be addressed in your paper. Unless otherwise noted, you

must address all three deliverables outlined above:

1. Network topology

2. Legacy Data

3. Web Centricity

4. Scalability

5. Security

6. Batch Processing

7. Actual Design Specification Document for TIMS – For this deliverable you will

address all three items but the largest deliverable is the actual document for TIMS.

8. Explanation of a strong approach to testing – For this deliverable, you only need to

share with your audience what a strong test plan would entail.

9. Actual Test Plan for TIMS

10. Capacity Planning


140 point assignment grading rubri

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