Kumho Tire Co. vs Carmichael case

1. Library Research, then write a 3-5 page paper

Document a court case other than Frye, Coppolino or Daubert, in which either the Frye, Coppolino or Daubert Standards were used to admit or not admit evidence. Give a short description of the case, what was the evidence in question, and how the court ruled. Do not document Frye, Coppolino or Daubert, please choose another case.

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Please make sure that when completing your weekly Written Assignments that you are using APA format. I do not require an Abstract for your weekly assignments but will for your Midterm and Final Papers!

If you contact the library they will review any paper to make sure you are citing properly. Here is also a general tutorial on APA

All written assignments submitted through Turn-It-In this is a requirement from the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

APA Guidelines for formatting your papers

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