Lack of mental health care in the African American community

Lack of mental health care in the African American community.

The purpose of the annotated bibliography assignment is to provide an overview of the resources you intend to use for the course project. Your bibliography provides the instructor insight for the appropriateness of your chosen references. It gives the instructor the opportunity to provide feedback and direction on the list of resources before the final project component is due.

Feedback is given to provide direction for areas that may need improvement, clarification, or additional support. It is corrective and directive in nature. Therefore, your bibliography must contain sufficient details on which to base feedback.

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Your annotated bibliography must:

  1. Begin with a clear thesis statement, problem statement, or research question, and be:
    • Related to your degree specialization.
    • Related to one or more aspects of diversity.
  2. Include a minimum of 15 references. Note that your course texts cannot be used as primary sources and cannot be listed as part of the 10–12 reference requirements. You may use the texts as auxiliary resources and list them in addition to the minimum required references.
  3. Include references that are mainly research articles, specifically:
    • References must come from peer-reviewed and scholarly publications.
    • Web sites are not considered scholarly publications.
    • Wikipedia is not considered a scholarly source and cannot be used as a scholarly source in your paper.
  4. Select references that appropriately support the topic of the paper and are recently published, with selected articles that relate to the following:
    • Topic of interest.
    • Specific area of psychological research or service delivery within your degree specialization.
  5. Include a summary of each article that explains the following:
    • The reason you chose the article.
    • The relevance of the article to the course project.
    • How the reference will add value to the research paper.
    • How each reference pertains to the thesis statement, problem statement, or research question.
  6. Use APA sixth edition style and formatting. Note that you will not submit your annotated bibliography as your list of references in your final paper.

Review the Multiculturalism in Psychology course project description for complete details on this assignment and your course project as a whole.

Lack of mental health care in the African American community

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