Health Systems, Inc. is a regional hospital located in a rural county outside of Washington, DC. The CIO has hired you as a business analyst. You are responsible for determining the requirements for a new local area network (LAN) in a 150-bed maternity building scheduled to be built on the hospital’s campus. The hospital currently has about 115 employees out of which 85 need to have desktop computers connecting to the network over a wired connection. The other 30 employees need to have laptops connecting over wireless connection. All employees need to have access to the Internet using the hospital’s network connection to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The hospital would like to have a web server managed by the hospital IT staff locally at the hospital IT department. The web server will provide web sites and information about the hospital for the public access. The hospital has 5 floors and the IT department along with the server and network equipment room are located in the basement. You need to discuss the following with the CIO:

  1. What network topology will be used on this Local Area Network?
  2. Which network devices are appropriate for this project, and what is the functionality of each one?
  3. Which protocols are needed on the network, and what is the functionality of each one?
  4. Explain the OSI model and describe how the 4 protocols map to the OSI layers.
  5. Apply the concepts from the assessment’s hands-on virtual labs.


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Create a 2–4 page briefing on LAN requirements and what is needed to implement a new network. APA

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