Leading organisational culture change

Title: Leading organisational culture change

1. Undertake a literature review to establish the characteristics of professional HRM practice.

Identify and support the findings by referencing academic literature strictly using quality text books and 10 current journal articles (published 2008-2017) of relevance.

2. Write a report explaining the important role of human resource management (HRM) in executing your organisation’s business strategy.
In the report, explain how HR managers can apply the chosen HRM practice to enhance organisational performance.

~Explain the role of HRM in executing your organisation’s business strategy.
~Explain key theories and models relating to the HR practice identified for discussion in your report. (Use Kotter’s model only [from reading])
~Discuss how your organisation will benefit from using the identified human resource management practice to improve organisational performance. (Emphasize on Kotter’s model)
~Demonstrate additional research beyond the course material and the course textbook by using recent peer reviewed academic journal articles published between 2008 and 2017 (minimum of ten{10}).
~Ensure to follow a report format and appropriate presentation, including following Harvard referencing style, formatting, layout (report) and grammar. Word count total 1400- 1600. (introduction & summary should consist 300-500 words only)

* Rubric is attached
* Topic reading is attached

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