Macroeconomic Issues affecting the Eurozone economies.

Total Word Count: 2500 words

Style: APA

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No of References: 10-15

The report considers the core macroeconomic issues affecting Eurozone economies.

This report assesses theoretical knowledge (40%), analysis and evaluation (40%), and referenced application of economic theory (20%); including evidence of referenced research, statistics and examples of policy application in Eurozone economies and Central Bank policy.

Complete ALL sections of the following assignment:

1a). Choose TWO cause of inflation currently impacting the economy of any ONE Eurozone country. Explain the type of inflation, its causes and its impact on the country’s economy. Include statistical reference, referenced examples and evidence of such inflationary presence. (800 words)

b). With reference to ONE Eurozone economy, examine which sections of society and an economy gain and lose during periods of inflation. Give reasons for this disparity and ensure each reason is supported by economic argument. (450 words)

c). Discuss the problems facing Eurozone countries in general when trying to implement national fiscal policy whilst being a member of the European Monetary Union. (450 words)

d). Reflect upon the risks associated with following an economic policy of low inflation and demonstrate your understanding of how Central Banks control the rate of inflation. (800 words)

Macroeconomic Issues affecting the Eurozone economies

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