(1) What do companies need to consider in order to achieve a successful differentiation strategy?

(2) What are the four major categories or sources of product differentiation? Can you identify a company that has achieved product or service differentiation using one of these strategies and how did it do this?

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(3) What are the traits of social value organizations and how do they differ from other types of organizations?

(4) Can you describing a recent example of a company implementing an aspect of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and can you explain the impact of this on various stakeholders and on the business itself? Do you have any recommendations for this company with regards to CSR?

(5) What do you know about “Key performance indicators: Primary drivers of information systems design”

(6) What do you about “Financial key performance indicators in engineering companies”

(7) What are the benefits and challenges of technological development for businesses?

(8) What do you know about “The effect of family control on corporate performance”

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