Management Ch13 Teamwork and Group Performance

The cases you will be analyzing in the class are short (usually 2-4 pages), so I don’t expect that your case analysis will be longer than 2- 3 typed double-spaced pages. You should conduct additional research to support your analysis of the case assigned to your group. The cases are generally about fictional organizations (not always, however), so your research will be focused on concepts related to the analysis of the case. For example, if the case is included as an example of concepts related to teamwork and group performance, you will do research on those concepts, not on “XYZ corporation.”

The key elements of a case analysis are provided on the page of this syllabus. This grading rubric is based on a review of multiple sources of forms of case analysis and what constitutes a good case analysis.

Case is the pictures in files jpg(p167 p168 p169)

What do you see as the key problem or problems in this situation? How would you suggest resolving these problems?

Who is responsible for creating this situation? Darryl? The other faculty? The students?

What should the accounting department or the College of Business do to prevent similar situations in the future?

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