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187. The types of reports prepared in managerial accounting are often ______________-purpose reports prepared for a specific decision.

188. Managerial accounting reports generally pertain to ______________ of a business and may be very detailed.

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189. Three broad managerial functions are: (1)______________, (2)______________, and (3)______________.

190. The ______________ function is concerned with setting goals and objectives for the entity.

191. Exercising good judgment in performing the managerial functions and choosing among alternative courses of action is called ______________.

192. The three cost elements in manufacturing a product are (1)______________, (2)______________, and (3)______________.

193. The work of factory employees that can be physically and directly associated with converting raw materials into products is classified as ______________.

194. Indirect materials and indirect labor are classified as ______________.

195. Each of the manufacturing cost components is a ______________ cost.

196. A major difference between the income statements of a merchandising company and a manufacturing company is that the cost of goods sold section of a merchandising company shows cost of goods______________, whereas a manufacturing company shows cost of goods ______________.

197. ___________________ is added to direct labor and manufacturing overhead to get total manufacturing costs for the current period.

198. The ending work in process inventory is subtracted from the total cost of work in process to calculate ______________________.

199. A manufacturing company computes cost of goods sold by adding cost of goods manufactured to the ___________________ and subtracting the __________________.

200. A manufacturing company usually has three inventory accounts which are (1)___________________, (2)___________________, and (3)___________________.

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