You will complete and fill in the Week 3 of the matrix you will do the followingTo prepare for this Assignment: Review this week’s readings, focusing on the differences among the following four qualitative research approaches:The Template is attached.Social constructionism and narrative inquirySystems theoryEthnography/autoethnographyInteractive and participatory qualitative applicationsYou can use the following articles among othersHernandez, K. A. C., Ngunjiri, F. W., & Chang, H. (2015). Exploiting the margins in higher education: A collaborative autoethnography of three foreign-born female faculty of color. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 28(5), 533–551. doi:10.1080/09518398.2014.933910Hutchinson, S. L., & Gallant, K. A. (2016). Can senior centres be contexts for aging in third places? Journal of Leisure Research, 48(1), 50–68. doi:10.18666/JLR-2016-V48-I1-6263And you can use other articles but it must be scholarly and cite all work

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