Mobile Phone Use and Effects to the Society

Mobile Phone Use and Effects to the Society
Background of the study
The utilization of mobile phones in the contemporary world is rising day in day out since the devices have become one of the major necessities of life. However, in spite of all the benefits that have accrued with mobile phone use, they also have dangerous as well as the destructive effects on our current society. It has resulted in the disturbance of the structure and foundation of the society to both young and older individuals who in one way or the other possess or us a mobile phone to communicate.
Statement of the problem
It has been observed that the use of mobile phones has adversely affected the way people related to one another (Abraham, 2014). In addition, many young individuals have lost intimacy with their relatives as well as their friends because they are too engaged in using their phones and this has been found to affect their ability to communicate in some incidences. The other negative effects of the devices can be classified under heath, social and economic problems (Adera, 2014). This research aimed at investigating the use mobile phones and its effects on the society at large.
Research questions

The study utilized review of books and article to gather the information on the mobile phone impacts. This was adopted because the method saved on time and gave access to relevant information that was available in various formats. Books had the advantage in that they allowed for a thorough overview of the topic, were quality since books undergo a quality check by the publisher, and well researched with references to other sources though some may have a drawback of containing authors’ biases. Website materials provided quick information that was kept up to date. Lastly, reports on the issue was also scrutinized to obtain some data for analysis since this contained detailed information on the subject matter with adequate research findings from other researchers, which allowed for comparison purposes (Beins, 2014).
Health Effects
Negative effects of mobile use on health
Mobile phone, especially the poor quality ones have significant effects on our health like the radiations that emerge from the devices for example,have the potential of causing numerous serious health issues.There have been concerns  emanating from  both the scientists and the media tat the usage of these devices is linked to the development of tumours and they are also believed to be found as one of the causes of cancer in the near future after a remarkable use since the cancerous cells take at least ten years to develop effectively. The findings of the International Agency for Research on Cancer suggestthat microwave radiations that come out of a cell phone are possibly carcinogenic to human beings (Borreli, 2013). This is because the phones communicate using signals in the invisible stream of the radio frequency which are capable of penetrating human bodies whenever the device is held close to the body and this enhances their potential to cause cancer among other disorder in long term basis (Kovach, 2007).
Mobile phone radiations are also known to produce potent-harmful changes in the body, including oxidative stress, damage of genetic components, alterations and changes in the body hormones, interference of individuals’ memory and many more negative effects. Young people are believed to more vulnerable to the mobile phone radiations as their heads are capable of absorbing more of the radiations and besides, have a potential lifetime exposure, thus they may impacted more as they continue to use the devices (Borreli, 2013).
Social Effects
Effect on society interactions
Cyber bullying is made faster with the use of mobile phones, thus people don’t have to use computers anymore in executing some actions and this generally leads people to depression problems, eating defects cause people to feel bad themselves and to even indulge in committing suicide. Texting as well as other uses of the cell phones is no longer improving the society’s communication skills in any way but it is ruining them instead. For example, they have reduced the face to face communication among individuals and this has facilitated the anti social as people hide behind the cell phone which is not a healthy aspect of life. This applies not only to texting but also other mobile applications such as Facebook, twitter among others (Roden, 2013).
Negative effects on students and teenagers
Students do not give adequate time to their studies and thus waste a lot of time in playing mobile phone games, watching videos and listening to music in addition to reading of messages on their phones. This has had a substantial impact on the students’ performance in studies. On the other hand, some parents are not aware of the activities their children indulge in as teenagers. For instance, teenagers’ boys and girls converse with one another through the phone and thus they plan on and indulge in negative activities which is a major impact on the society especially the upcoming generation. His implies that, the current generation is entirely destroyed by this negative aspect of the mobile phones among the young people in schools and other teenagers. This is one of the major adverse effects because it implies the destruction of the future society since the young people are the parents as well as constituents of the future society.
While at college and other higher institutions of learning, students carry their mobile phones even in the exam room or during certain class tests and therefore, use the phone to text their friends for answers in case they get stuck. This reduces the quality of the learnt person being disposed in the job market since will not be able to handle certain tasks as expected due to lack of certain skills. This problem eventually affects the society at large because in case the individual loses the job opportunity will come back to the society and here may indulge in certain harmful and unhealthy activities such as drug trafficking among others to earn a living (Roden, 2013).
Communication tool for criminals and terrorists
The devices are becoming a major equipment aiding the communication of criminals as well as the terrorist, thus enhancing their processes of planning and strategizing for their activities which eventually impact on the society negatively. Terrorists, for example, make plans that are always aimed at killing people and destroying their property. The criminals torture individuals and sometime they indulge in killings and rising the social crimes such being involved in raping cases which interfere with the people’s safety (Roden, 2013). All the above indulgences leave the society without peaceful and always in fear of attacks, thus mobile phones affect the society negatively in that manner.
Economic Effects
The price of buying a mobile phone is increasing daily with the emergence of a new one due to the advancement of technology and this has increased together with the price of the accessories making life to be a bit expensive particularly for the individuals who like having luxurious lives. The possession of a cell phone initiates more expenses as it needs to be charged for it to be functional, which is expensive for everybody who possessesthis device. To make a call or interact with others in the social media requires an airtime which implies one has to spend more despite having bought the phone (Roden, 2013).
Cell phone distracted driving has become one of the serious  public health threat as most of the distracted individuals look, but fail to see up the information around the driving environment, a phenomenon known as inattention blindness. Such behavior has resulted in motor vehicle crushes among the major causes of injuries and death in the society because human beings can not multitask and perform well on both tasks as multitasking interferes with level of performance one can produce. This despite bringing health and emotional problems to the society, it implies that the relatives of the affected have to spend more on taking care of the hospital bills which always is unexpected expenditure (Roden, 2013).

Recommendationto Solving the Effects of Using Mobile Phones
States should put it as a legislation not to use mobile phones under certain circumstances such as driving through banning handheld phones in cars, banning the use of hands-free phones as well texting in the course of driving process.
Public education
Public education on certain effects of using mobile phones is an appropriate strategy that can be employed to combat the negative effects associated with improper utilization of the cell phones.  For instance, the educational efforts are very necessary in promoting a responsible use of mobile phones while in various indulgences such as driving, at learning institutions among other environments. The public education campaigns can also be used to enhance publicity in order to increase the efficacy of legislations (Burrell, 2010.
Technological improvements
Technology is capable of providing some solutions to the problems emanating as a result of mobile phone use, since new technological devices and appliances can be made to develop the technology through GPS to block mobile use in certain situations taking driving as an example
Avoid allowing children to use a cell phone for calling
Children are more vulnerable to the effects of using mobile phones than adults and thus exposing them to mobile phone radiations while young is more dangerous because it implies in their lifetime, they will be exposed to such effects and adversely affect the future of the society.
Reduce telephoning with the phone next to the ear
If one has to put the phone next to ear, should consider waiting until the correspondent has picked the call for communication because most of the phones are known to communicate at a relatively full power when connecting to a number. Thus, one should hold the phone away from the body until is through with the dialing and then place the phone next to the ear after the correspondent has answered. In addition, when receiving a call, an individual should give oneself sometime approximately a second or two before putting the device next to the head once the call has beenreceived as a way of reducing the effect of the negative impacts of the phone radiations. Besides, the time taken in making calls with the cell phones should be limited to reduce the exposure to the radiated signals from the phone (Burrell, 2010).
Avoid carrying a cell phone next to the body
While on standby, a cell phone communicates at a full power with the nearest phone tower severally within a given period of time in order to acquire a sufficient signal possible. This implies even when the phone is switched off because it still transmits some radiations
Avoid using a mobile phone while driving
Regardless of the vehicle, provided it is moving, the cell phone antenna is always scanning for contact and thus it operates at increased signal strength at such conditions, hence the emission of radiations is increased more than when not in the vehicle.

Purchasing products designed to shield the phone user
For example, a cell phone electromagnetic frequency protective device can serve the function of shielding one as they are adhered to the phone to minimize the impact of transmitting signals (EMR Australia, 2016).
The utilization of cell phones has been found to have significant negative impacts on the society which range from the young to the old individuals, illiterate to the leant and everybody who uses a mobile phone. The effects may be in relation to health, environment, learning among others which all of them have adverse effects on the society in one way or the other. Thus, the society and the national and international societies should consider combating the effects to ensure the wellbeing of the society. The negative effects associated with these devices range between social, health, mentally and economically, which is a clear indication that the use of mobile phones has more costs than the benefits accrued. This is because everything done using the phone has to be paid for, be it charging, calling, receiving calls, chatting on social and any other kind of utilization. The study has recommended various solutions to curb this problem which on implementation can significantly reduce the impacts of the mobile phone use.

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