Module 05 Discussion – Surgical Integrity. Visit the websites listed here which cover patient safety and pain topics. Explore these websites to gain knowledge related to issues related to care of the surgical patient, associated complications including pain management.

Association of Operating Room Nurses website

Click on the Clinical Practice tab, choose Position Statements, and review selected topics (examples: Care of the Older Adult in Perioperative Settings, Creating a Practice Environment of Safety, or Patient Safety.

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World Health Organization website

Read the Patient Safety Programme – Safe Surgery Saves Lives. Scroll down to Read the Statement link.

International Association for the Study of Pain website

Read the Patient Safety Programmed – Safe Surgery Saves Lives. Scroll down to Read the Statement link.
Corners and explore the articles.

Post a summary of one of the articles or position statements from one of the websites related to care of a surgical patient. Discuss key risks, complications, or unique concerns related to care of the patient. Post both 1st and 2nd responses online.

Module 05 Discussion – Surgical Integrity

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