Module 4 essay Leadership reflection

For the module, you will find power point slides providing discussion of relevant topics. You will complete an essay for the module based on the power point slides, article readings, optional handout materials and selected exercises if you wish to use them, and though not required any outside readings you might find that you would like to use. This reflective essay is purposely intended to be rather open-ended. As a graduate student, I want you to have an opportunity to creatively and thoughtfully respond as you wish. For example, you may wish to make general comments about all of the topics in the module, or you may wish to pick just 1 topic or 2or 3 in the material that interest you. You may choose to personalize the information based on your current or previous jobs or your experiences. The essay should be a minimum of 2 pages, double-spaced, standard font (12 point font).

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