Moral Arguments: Killing in Self-Defense discussion

I need a tutor who 100% knows what they are doing, and what they are talking about. Please take a look at the questions before bidding. I need the best philosophy tutor who can go very in depth and be very detailed to the deepest degree, with answering these questions.

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-3 questions

-each question has notes underneath it from class, NOTES ARE IMPORTANT. Take these notes into serious consideration when answering each question. Incorporate things from notes into the answers to help produce a better overall answer.

-Each answer must be 550-700 words

-NO plagiarism or I will request for a refund

-Must follow the criteria

-if you do not think you can answer these questions in depth and very detailed and down to the point then please do not bid.

-I need a very good philosophy tutor who can get me an A!!

Attached below is the question and notes and criteria.

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