MRKT 3301 UHD Triple Bottom Line

1. What is the relationship between the marketing concept and the triple bottom line (10 pts)

2. Explain how your employer’s activities can be categorized in the triple bottom-line measures as outlined in the questions below. Make sure to identify the organization* (10 pts).

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Economic factors – What factor is used as measure of success for your firm and how well does the and is the marketing concept useful to them.

(The objectives will depend on whether the organization is a profit or nonprofit entity )

Social – Explain the social consequences achieved by organization

Environmental – Is this important for the organization in terms of how it does its business.

3. Overall, how do you rate the performance of your employer on the triple bottom line measures — excellent, good, fair or poor? Please explain why. 10 pts)

4. What do you think that the organization needs to change to improve its performance on the triple bottom line measures? (10 pts)

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