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If a specific concept is noted in parenthesis, you’ll want to be certain that you include it in your narrative for that item.Be prepared to discuss:  (A paragraph or so per question.)1. The meaning of reflection as discussed in class materials.2. Attention in a learning experience (from Fiddler and Marienau)3. Describe the Feedback Loop (from Korthhagen and Vasalos)4. Reasons you are continuing your education (from Korthhagen and Vasalos Onion Model)5. Describe yourself as a learner and provide a specific example of a past learning experience.6. Describe a new learning experience you’ve had and how your opinions were challenged (or not) (from the David Kolb Acquisition model.)7. Being a Team Player (from Kegan and Lahey)8. The impact of personal beliefs and opinions on how we view things.

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