• Describe a nursing clinical question of interest to you. This may be something you’ve always wondered about related to nursing or something you’ve observed and you wonder why nurses do things a certain way. Or it may be that you have seen nurses approach a clinical problem from one direction at one clinical site and a different way elsewhere and you wonder which way is best for the client.
    • AVOID topics for which there is already clear and accepted evidence, such as hand hygiene to prevent infection.
  • Describe the clinical question and why it is important. This may be due to the number of people impacted by the topic, the economic or health care costs, the number of die, the impact on activities of daily living, etc. 
  • For the problem and significance, incorporate evidence from a research or evidence-based practice (EBP) article (published 2014-2020).
  • Phrase the question in PIO format or PICO (See Table 2.1, p. 31 in Polit & Beck, 9th ed.).

Population or patients – who (children, elders, adult, persons in critical care, men, women, etc.) and what (diabetes, poverty, breastfeeding, obesity, mobility, cognitive decline)
Intervention – what nursing interventions or therapies could be considered related to the population/condition
(Comparison – include if there is a specific comparison you wish to make)
Outcome – what you hope the client will achieve (result of the intervention/treatment)

  • Cite your article in APA (7th edition) format.
  • Attach your article as a PDF. ( Save the research article to your computer as a PDF, then attach it to your discussion. Do not use just a URL or link).  
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