New facilities

New facilities
Your facility has recently acquired several fertility clinics in an effort to expand
services offered to the community. As a new Facility Manager, the CEO gave
you oversight of these new clinics as she believes that you are the perfect
person to help integrate the ideals of your conservative institution with those of
the clinics. One of the first tasks given to you is what to do with several hundred
fertilized embryos. The facility you work for has a policy that any frozen
embryos must be released from the facility within seven years, and
maintenance beyond this is prohibited. The fertility clinics currently purge
embryos after 13 years, which is the standard for embryo viability. The
community is eager to know what your intentions are, and your CEO has
released a brief statement that the issue is being carefully considered and all
ethical options are being explored. The CEO told you that preserving the
embryos past seven years is not an option at this facility, and another solution
must be sought.
As the Facility Manager, identify an ethical dilemma you will need to address as
part of this process. What is the ethically justifiable solution you will
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