Nutrition Services Homework

Nutrition Services Homework

During the recent Administrative Review of the School Nutrition Program, the district was found to be out of compliance in the following area:

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Meal Charging Policy – The district did not have a complete meal charge policy that was readily available and distributed to all parents in the district.

You must develop a meal charging policy that outlines all the requirements that meet both Federal and State requirements.

The meal payment collection policy and procedures, at a minimum, must follow these guidelines:

  • Not overtly identify students with unrecovered or delinquent debt.
  • Conform with the following cost principles set forth in 2 CFR, Section 200.426:
  • The cost to recover the unpaid meal charges cannot exceed the actual debt owed, e.g., if a student has a debt of $5, the SFA should not spend over that amount to collect the debt.
  • The SFA’s collection policies must be consistent with the district’s collection procedures, policies, and state agency guidance.

Provide the methods the district will use to notify parents of the policy.

The following references will help provide the information needed to draft your district’s meal charging policy. – This management bulletin provides all the information needed along with other references to draft the policy.

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