Office of Personnel Management – 1400 words

Agency facts: The Office of Personnel Management provides human resources support to agencies of the United States federal government.

Leadership: Beth F. Cobert was appointed acting director of OPM in 2015.

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Mission/vision: “We’re responsible for keeping the government running smoothly.”

The breach: Cybersecurity breaches in 2015 affected the data of millions of federal government employees, contractors, and some who may have only applied for a background investigation with the government. In April 2015, OPM reported that 4.2 million current and former employees’ information was compromised. Another breach, discovered in June 2005, involved 21.5 million people. In addition, 5.6 million records of fingerprints were exposed. Names, birth dates, addresses, and Social Security numbers were affected. As of early 2016, it was still unclear who was behind the breach. Notifications to those affected began September 30, 2015, and were expected to last 12 weeks.

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Here are the subtopics for the paper

  1. Introduction
  2. Background (case)
  3. Attack methodology
  4. Cause and damage
  5. Resolution
  6. Cybersecurity Role (Organization leadership and role)
  7. Prevention/Mitigation after attack
  8. Conclusion
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