Your approach to this assignment will depend upon your own persuasive voice and organizing logic of your argument. Please conduct some outside research to find a good news site model that works for you. On your assignment, please note what news site you are modeling after.

Assignment Breakdown:

Audience: Reasonably informed readers who do not know anything about this particular proposal or the overall regulatory scheme that it is part of.

Purpose: To argue for or against the proposal in a way that is digestible to the given audience. Opinion-based and persuasive rhetoric should be considered and applied.

Format: Op-ed, modeled after an existing reputable online news site. Title and paragraph structure required. Required to be between 600 (minimum) and 700 (maximum) words. 12-pt New Times Roman. Follows the stylistic conventions of an op-ed (may include images).Mechanics: There are little to no stylistic or grammatical errors in the op-ed. It has been proofread, correcting disjointed sentences and any punctuation errors. It uses a creative title and follows the mechanical conventions of an online op-ed piece.

Elevator Pitch: The elevator pitch was delivered, and not read, in a rhetorically persuasive manner. The elevator pitch was engaging, informative and confidently delivered. A script/outline of the pitch will also need to be submitted.

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