Organizational behavior includes the behavioral dynamics of people,


Organizational Behavior includes the behavioral dynamics of people, the individuals, the groups, and the teams that make up an organization. Motivation, support, identification, and setting of long and short-term goals are all part of an organization and need to be understood by business leaders. 

As you embark on this exciting, interactive, fast-paced, and applied organizational behavior curriculum this term, think about where you are currently at in your understanding of org behavior. This course offers you frameworks, case studies, and applied learning opportunities, but before you fully launch into the content, take count and assess your current knowledge, the skills that you bring to the course, and your own goals for this class.

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Along that train of thought, craft a Reflection Analysis on the following:

  • Your expectations: setting the stage for the rest of the semester
  • Your current understanding of organizational behavior
  • Your goals for the semester 
  • 3 pages (not including the title page and references), double spaced
  • First-person
  • Contextualize:
    • What are YOUR learning goals? 
    • What are the course goals? 
    • What are the course learning objectives? 
    • How do these all fit together? 
  • Analytical Reflection
    • How do you fit into these learning goals? 
    • What is your own personal mission for this course/your degree? 
    • What is your role? 
    • How do you fit into this course? 
    • Looking outside of yourself, how will your learnings help the larger community? 
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