Part 2: Organizational Assessment and Action Plan. This is the second part of a three-part assignment where you will be applying many of the course concepts that have been discussed in this unit and in previous units by conducting a well-researched analysis.

For this part of the assignment, refer to the comments left by the instructor in your Unit VI Scholarly Activity surrounding your selected organization and department.

For this assignment, you will be expanding upon the unit, department, or team you selected for the Unit VI Scholarly Activity by addressing the components listed below.

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  • Formulate an action plan to promote effective organizational change with an emphasis on conflict management policy planning.
  • Discuss your personal strategies for managing conflict and how you could incorporate different strategies into these processes.
  • Consider priorities that public managers and employees must possess throughout change processes.
  • Integrate proven theories to help with rationale, input, and expected outcomes from policy changes.
  • Discuss possible efforts and tactics for implementing change to ensure a smooth and productive transition.

During this phase, you must develop at least a three-page action plan and utilize at least four of the sources listed in your Unit VI Scholarly Activity or selected replacements.

Be sure to properly format your title page and reference page in APA style, and keep in mind that the aforementioned do not count toward meeting the three-page minimum requirement.

Part 2: Organizational Assessment and Action Plan

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