Part 3 Paragraph 5

Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

The accountable care organization (ACO) is one of innovative care delivery models addressed in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (American Nurse Association, 2010). “An ACO is a concept in health care in which a complex of health care professionals, such as primary care providers, specialists, and hospitals, agree to coordinate information, health care regimens, and payment plans to make the care of patients more efficient, less aggravating, and less expensive” (Dewey, 2016). ACOs not only address the cost and quality of care for patients but also work proactively and systematically to improve patients’ health. In addition, the ACOs must meet the patient-centeredness criteria and define processes to promote evidence-based medicine and patient engagement, and coordinate care (American Nurse Association, 2010). The high quality and low cost make patients have easy access to health care and enhance the overall health status. As a result, people have a better prognosis outcome and longer life expectancy.

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