Personal Ethics Statement

Personal Ethics Statement.

Personal Ethics Statement 50 Points

A practical application of the University Student Learning Priorities of Ethical Reasoning, Communication, Responsible Citizenship, and Self Directed Learning

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this assignment is to encourage you to explore your personal ethical perspectives and how those perspectives will fit into a career in business. You will have to give thoughtful consideration to what your values are, where those values came from, and how have evolved as a result of your Business 101 and 102 experiences.

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Personal Evaluation GOAL: To clearly explain your ethical perspective and articulate how it has evolved over the last year. Your responses should be in paragraph form and include personal examples to support your viewpoint.

  •     §  What were your core values when you arrived at university? What are they today? What, over your first two terms, have caused you to either affirm, or change, your core values? 

  •     §  Prior to Drexel, where did your ethical perspective come from? Does your ethical perspective still come from the same place? Are there new forces that influence your ethics? 

  •     §  Using Business 101 and 102 as your reference point, how has your group project work to date changed your expectations of others? Has working in groups in class what you expect of yourself? 

  •     §  Do you think your ethics will ever be challenged in a professional setting? What will you do if faced with an ethical dilemma in the work place? How has your business school education to date helped to prepare you for the possibility? 

Personal Ethics Statement

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