Philosophy assignment

Philosophy assignment.

PowerPoint Presentation

You will choose a topic that we have read about and discussed in the course, and create a PowerPoint presentation of 8 to 10 slides (1st slide: Cover Slide, Last slide: Citations in APA format). Choose a timely topic of your choice found in the news today, closely related to the course material, and the theories, which may include, but are not limited to : 

Sexism in politics, Racism, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Immigration policy (i.e. the wall on the Mexican Border), Transgender Rights, Plastic Surgery, Body Image, Abortion, Pro-Natalism, Same-sex marriage, women in the workplace, Athletics and Masculine Culture, Domestic Violence, Circumcision  etc…

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If your topic is directly related to a particular news video or article, please include the link in the presentation. 

Each slide should contain a photo, and bullet points that support the visual image. Please use Speaker Notes to provide a Narrative related to each slide, and properly cite your photos and text in APA format. The Narrative in the Speaker’s notes is VERY Important, as that is the crux of this project. You are telling a story in the powerpoint, so the slides must flow together with an effective narrative to bring this issue to life. The slide itself with bullet points should have very minimal text. Also, cite as you would in an essay in your narrative – use APA format. If you are more tech savvy, you can submit the project with audio…(optional)

Here are some guidelines to consider: 

–  What is the significance of this issue in society today? 

– How does the media shape the narrative? Do you find there is bias?

– How does this topic influence culture, or been influenced by culture?

– Highlight what this topic illustrates about male/female relationships, or power structures, and/or racial constructs

– Articulate your own views on male/female relationships based on the topic, which may also be informed by race, class, age or disability. 

Philosophy assignment

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