Political Science Argumentative Essay The Issue Of Compulsory Voting

Write a paper on the issue of universal or compulsory voting. The goal of this paper is for you to thoroughly explain the experience of jurisdictions that have mandatory voting and outline both their process (how they do it) and the outcomes (voter participation, impact on democracy, and citizen opinions). After you have completed and shown that research (section 2) then you will present arguments in support and against compulsory voting in America (section 3 and 54). Section 5 will be your personal opinion and why. Please include if your opinion on this topic changed as a result of your research.

Structure your paper in the following format:

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I. Overview of the issue/Introduction
II. Other countries with compulsory voting
III. A comprehensive argument in support of compulsory voting
IV. A comprehensive argument against compulsory voting
V. Conclusion/Your personal opinion on compulsory voting. Has that opinion changed at all as a result of your research? If so, why?

The papers should be a minimum of five pages and a maximum of seven pages following generally accepted double-spaced formatting. Please follow all traditional rules for citations, using either APA or Chicago style. If you draw from outside sources, please include a bibliography.

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