Political Science Essay

Political Science Essay.

6-7 pages Political Science Essay

This question focuses on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Pick one economic policy and then one foreign policy from each candidate.  Tell us in some depth what the policy is and to what extent it has the backing of the party, certain voters (young/old, poor/wealthy, minority/majority, etc) and interest groups (name at least one specific one).  Tell us if the NYT has shown bias when covering this policy (give me a specific NYT article from this quarter) and has that been typical of other media.  Also cover in some detail economic ramifications from both policies.  Finally, tell us if you think these issues will help the candidate to win the election in Nov. 2016  Why or why not?

-You should answer every part of the question in an essay format. 

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-I want a 6-7 pages (300 words per page) double spaced for the question.

-You should review New York Times to help you collect research on each question.

-Be sure to keep careful track of your sources with a full bibliography at the end of your essay–use a short version of your source in parentheses to show which part of your paper is connected to which source. (APA format)

-I expect you to use at least two serious, academic web sites (it is okay if it is the New York Times or Washington Post) in addition to your text.

-Due 30 hours from now.

Political Science Essay

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