Posting on Creating a Perceptual Map

Posting on Creating a Perceptual Map.

Perceptual Map

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Read the Posting on Creating a Perceptual Map


  • Interview 5 people of the same gender about what top 5 characteristics influence their purchase of shampoo.For more consistency, you might want to interview peers or people with similar profiles, just as you would in interviewing a target segment.
  • Note which 2 characteristics are most common across all 5 interviews. You will need to develop end points for your X and Y axis’.Note: you want to pick characteristics that make for logical end points and will result in a useful plot.Price automatically gives ‘high’ and ‘low’ as end points, but each interviewee might have different perceptions of what constitutes a high or low price.Similarly, ‘control’ is subjective unless you get some attributes that make it more specific.When interviewing, you might ask for a bit more detail so that you can compile useful output.
  • Ask for the names of 5 brands of purchased shampoo they are familiar with.
  • Ask them their perception of the brands on their most important characteristics.
  • Create your x and y axis based on the characteristics most often cited by all the interviewees. Plot the 5 most commonly cited brands on those dimensions.The result should show 5 brand points using the two most common dimensions. Your plot should show a distribution of the brands.If all brands are in one quadrant, reconsider your selection of axis characteristics.
  • Based on your map, make a recommendation as to where a new entrant enter the shampoo market with the new brand, “Sieloff” shampoo.
    • Where would you recommend the new brand be positioned?
    • Show the positioning of “Sieloff” brand on your map.
    • Discuss why this would be a good business choice in terms of the degree of meaningful differentiation that could be achieved.
  • Write a positioning statement/value proposition for the “Sieloff” product/brand.

Submit your answers through the Turnitin link after filling in the forms below.

Posting on Creating a Perceptual Map

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