Power point and written assignment. I need a written report and a power point

Each student is responsible for developing a set of interview or dialogue points to provide for the leader prior to their meetings. Each student should set up a minimum of three meetings, one of which can be, with the leader’s permission, to observe or shadow the leader at work. The analysis should include the leaders: • Leadership philosophy • Vision and goals for the organization • Conflict management techniques and suggestions • Methods for establishing and building trust • Methods for empowering others. The results of this field research assignment will be shared in two ways. 1) A written report in MLA style in the assignment thread 2) A presentation as a PowerPoint submitted.

Here are the questions I asked the person I shadowed.

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• What is your philosophy on leadership?

A true leader provides feedback only on things she knows, asks others to learn the things she doesn’t, and is humble enough to know the difference.

•What is you vision and goals for the organization?

To bridge the gap between local departments and Central. I want to continue to grow within the agency to cut the bureaucracy to help staff and clients reach their full potential-which is why we are here.

What are your conflict management techniques and suggestions

1. Be direct-don’t avoid conflicts. 2. Be open-understand that there are numerous ways to resolve an issue and respect everyone’s perspective. 3. Be a team-work together to get the job done. 4. Ask for help-no one’s an island, even with individually assigned tasks. It’s ok to ask to help or input. 5. Adapt-be willing to try different things if something doesn’t work out the first time. Failure only happens when you give up.

What methods do you use for establishing and building trust

Transparency (where appropriate), consistency, having an open door, team-building, desire to learn from staff, encourage staff input and leadership.

What methods do you use for empowering others.

Opportunity for staff’s input, leading meetings/conversations, agency/department acknowledgment of accomplishments and contributions to tasks, identifying training and events to develop staff and promote career advancement.

Power point and written assignment

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