Principles and theories of Virtue Ethics – Considering Obligations

Principles and theories of Virtue Ethics – Considering Obligations
Paper: Submit a short critical case analysis of Case # 23
Textbook: Ruggiero, Vincent Ryan. Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues. McGraw-Hill. Ninth Edition
Reading assignment Topic: Chapter Nine, Considering Obligations
Case# 23
Claude, a college freshmen, learns that his roommate and friend is pushing hard drugs on campus. Claude is not opposed to drug use. He smokes marijuana himself, though he has never used and hard drugs. Neither does he believe that drugs pushing is wrong. But he does fear for his own safety, because if his friend is discovered and their room searched, his own marijuana might be found. After removing his marijuana from his room, he slips an anonymous note under the dean�s door, informing on his roommate.
Course: Thinking and Doing Ethics
Textbook: Burnor, Richard and Yvonne Raley. Ethical Choices: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy with Cases. Oxford University Press, 2011.
Reading assignment Topics: Virtue Ethics, Critique of Principle-Based Ethics, Aristotle�s Virtue Ethics, Criticism of Virtue Ethics
Grading Guide:
Summarize the main problem and its setting. List possible ways of responding to the problem of Principles and theories of Virtue Ethics
� Clearly identify the problem of the case using elaboration/ examples and/or the relevant concepts. Identified from the reading assignment and clearly defined all moral principles and theories that are most directly applicable to the problem.
Identify and justify the one moral principle or theory from the reading assignment that you think is best
� Acknowledge the existence of more than one point of view in the reading assignment. Explains why the other possible points of view are unacceptable to directly address the identified problem

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