Project activities and sequencing scenario

 Resource: Scenarios

Choose a scenario from one of the 3 scenarios provided and submit a paper of 650 words (again just a note….intro/conlusion paragraphs and any tables/charts/etc do not count in the word count).

Include the following items in your paper:

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  • Identify the scope of the project.  Note: do not just repeat exactly what the scenario states is going on/needed….use your own words to tell me what the project will cover.
  • Discuss the needs of at least three stakeholders involved in the project.  In doing this you have to clearly identify those stakeholders as well.
  • Create a WBS diagram/chart for the project.  The WBS submitted should look like a hierarchy chart (i.e. looks like an organization chart with boxes, lines, etc….this can be built in Powerpoint or other tools) and the diagram/chart should be included within the paper. (not as an attachment)…you need to provide at least 4 levels (i.e. X.X.X.X) of detail on the WBS diagram.  Remember in the WBS you are breaking down the work items (in more detail/degrees at each level) needed to complete the project.
  • List/discuss necessary tools and techniques for the project.  For example are you using MS Project to manage the effort or is a technique going to be using the Waterfall development approach.
  • List/discuss the milestones for the project.  Note:  make sure you understand what a milestone is…not every activity/task is a project milestone.
  • Sequence the activities/tasks in a diagram. Include the diagram within the paper (not as an attachment).  Note that this is a seperate diagram from the WBS; the WBS does not show sequence.  The sequence diagram can be done in MS Project, MS Powerpoint, or other tools that will allow you to sequence the activities.
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