Project Proposal

Project Proposal. Introduction: Throughout this course, you will be working on a staged project researching a public policy issue as identified in your project proposal. At this point, you are being asked to identify a topic to research during this course for the final Presentation and Research Paper.

Instructions: The major project in this course is an evaluation of the effects of a public policy. This will require research on a chosen policy and its impact, and your work will culminate in a final Research Paper.

For this stage of the project, you will submit a written project proposal. Your proposal should include the following components:

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  • Identification of the policy you intend to examine
  • Background on the context and/or significance of the policy issue, including what organization(s) this policy involves
  • A research question or hypothesis you will evaluate regarding this issue
  • Methods of data collection you plan to use to evaluate your chosen policy, such as who you plan on interviewing. It is expected that a core component of the research involved in this project will involve relevant individuals, though other forms of research such as document analysis may also be useful to your project.

Some concerns to keep in mind when evaluating a policy include (but are not limited to):

  • The costs involved in a policy or program
  • The impacts of the policy or program
  • Who is impacted and how

Your Proposal should be approximately two pages (500 words) in length. Submit this as a Word document. Follow APA style guidelines.

Project Proposal

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