In past activities, you recapped important meeting details about your project to your customer(s), and then compiled a detailed list of necessary resources and costs. Now, you’re ready to think about all the tasks that are needed to complete your project, and how much time each task will take to complete. 


Before beginning this assignment, make sure you have:  

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Downloaded the Week 6 Activity: Project Tasks and Timeline Spreadsheet template [.XLSX]. 

For this assignment, complete the following in the Spreadsheet template: 

In the provided spreadsheet template, you will find three tabs along the bottom of the screen. Read through the “Instructions” tab and the “Sample” tab.  

In the “Blank Template – Fill This In” tab, complete the following: 

Outline a plausible list of tasks needed to complete your chosen project.  

Estimate plausible timelines for each task or group of tasks.

If you need guidance working in Excel, refer back to the Excel training link in the Week 4 activity. 

Then, in a Word document titled, “Project Tasks and Timeline Rationale”, write a paper: 

Use the following headers in your paper: 

Part 1: Overview of the Project (Note: This portion of your paper should be about 1 page) 

Summary of Goals and Objectives 

Summary of Resources and Budget 

Part 2: Explanation of Tasks and Timeline (Note: This portion of your paper should be about 2 pages) 

Description of all Tasks 

Description of Timeline 

Explanation of Method(s) Used to Determine Dates (Note: use concepts from the textbook to support your rationale in this section) 

Part 3: Risk Factors and Mitigation (Note: This portion of your paper should be about 1 page) 

Potential Risks and Mitigation 

Include and highlight in your paper the following ten key terms from the textbook, using each term correctly and in a professional context: 

Choose any key term from chapters 1 through 4  

“Estimates,” “top-down estimating,” and “bottom-down estimating” from chapter 5  

“Activity” from chapter 6  

“Risks” from chapter 7  

“Resources” and “constraints” from chapter 8  

“Project duration” and “project scope” from chapter 9 

Remember, if you need guidance using Microsoft Excel, see O365 in the left-hand menu.

Your paper should be clear, well-organized, and formatted according to SWS style. Your paper should be between 4 and 5 double spaced pages, plus a page for sources. Use accurate grammar, mechanics, and spelling. 

Submit your assignment by uploading both the completed template document and your paper document to Blackboard in Week 6

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