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Public response.

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Although there is close connection between the policy making, budgeting, performance management, and program evaluation, I would think I wish to be categorized as an asset because employees put efforts to do their job to serve maintain and serve the community. Additionally, I would think employees are valuable resources because they have ability to satisfy the customer, outgrow the sales, develop effective process, and create new products or services, and many other things more than monetary matter (Lee, Yeunjae 2017). Additionally, many others skills such as good citizenship behaviors and personal attributes (friendliness, effective learning, courtesy, conflict resolution, speaking ability and persuasiveness) can become assets for the company ((Klingner, Nalbandian, & Llorens 2018).

I honestly do not like to see any employee as a property. I would think, employees should value as an asset because benefits that they bring to the company. Many employees have intrinsic value when the task responsibilities are seen as significant, inspiring and growing and when they are recognized for their involvement. Furthermore, employees commits and do beyond their tasks if they feel value and belong to the company that recognize their efforts. Like in the video “When Barry met Sammy – A Funny View of Human Resources and Knowledge Management,” Sammy felt that she is just the number in the company after what she has done for company such upgrade the sales number, invented new idea on the marketing department (Ascender PeopleStreme 2009.) That being said that in most companies, human capital management processes are still in the industrial age. People are viewed as cost than asset.

I don’t agree with the “assets and cost” category because many companies still try to figure out to reduce budget on increasing difficulty and deferments in hiring, retentive, and developing employee the skills. (United States Government Accountability Office 2014). For example: if a healthcare hire the medical student and let them intern in that healthcare, then allow that medical student to get more education or specialized, that can bring more benefits over the time. In conclusion, although the medical student was a cost for that healthcare, but in the return, he/she can be asset for the healthcare in long run.

If I get hire as the Director, I would be implemented throughout the company up and down, also observe toward more strategic processes within the traditional recruiters as long as employees is measured an asset in addition to a cost. It has to be included to a critical view to what human resources managers can add to an organization, Human Resources Department needs to inventory an update of the people capabilities and skills on their file. As the director, I would prevent to leave the current employees feeling distinct lack of appreciation. Additionally, Human Resources Department needs to find the people, get to know them and manage them, and it needs the top management as well. Furthermore, this information thinking age is about valuing the people, not dead asset. In conclusion, if Human Resources Department can do all these (which I mention in the last paragraph), any concern can accomplish on its own.


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Public response

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