1. Discuss how to develop account naming and security policies
  2. Explain and configure user accounts
  3. Discuss and configure account policies and logon security techniques
  4. Discuss and implement global access privileges
  • Discuss the procedures for creating a local user account on a server that is not part of a domain and an account in the Active Directory as listed on pages 146 and 147 of the text.
  • Discuss the different parameters that are available with the useradd command as listed on page 152 of the text.
  • Discuss the specific password security options that you can configure in Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003 as illustrated on page 159 of the text.
  • Discuss the general steps for configuring administrative templates as listed on page 170 and examine Figure 4-12 on page 171, which depicts the adding or removing of administrative templates in Windows Server 2003.
  1. Discuss several strategies for establishing secure user account in any of the available operating systems.
  2. Discuss the importance and ease of use of administrative templates.
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