Research paper topic “Is it time for VAT tax”?


Having studied the types and purposes of Federal taxation as well as the uses of taxes in funding governmental operations, policies and programs, the Value Added Tax (VAT) may be an opportunity to raise tax receipts with minimal impact.

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In light of the current proposals being discussed as part of both the past and upcoming elections, as well as both sustaining and increasing economic growth, new sources of tax revenues are being reviewed. One of these proposals which may be timely is a VAT tax. Some academics believe that the VAT tax may have come of age and is worthy of additional study.

Project requirements:

  • Research and prepare a 5 to 7 paper research paper on the topic of the “Is it time for a VAT Tax”.
  • The paper should be submitted in a Doc. or Docx. Format using 12 pt. times new roman font.
  • Your work needs to be cited.
  • Citations should be from journals, texts or other quality sources. Wikipedia and other internet sources are not deemed to be quality sources.
  • The paper will be graded and is due on the last class meeting day.
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