Sales Promotion Strategy

Sales Promotion Strategy

need a one page essay topic for ” Sales Promotion Strategy”, before you get started, please make sure you read carefully about the project content I attached below, therefore, you can a idea what will be written and stay on the right truck. Thanks
Project content:
Current Product/ Services Situation:
In Sao Paulo, Brazil , for every 1,000 infants born, 24 of them will die(“Scale of Analysis Applied to Brazil”). Almost 1 out of every four babies born will succumb to the harsh living environment it’s brought into. These babies die from prematurity and low birth weight, including hypothermia. When born premature, they cannot regulate their own body heat. In parts of the world where modern medical equipment is not readily available, many babies will not have a chance. The Embrace warmer gives the baby a second chance. With 1% the cost of an incubator, the warmer offers cost advantages that are incomparable. The Embrace warmer will not only keep the baby close to the mother at all times, but it will also keep the baby warm for six hours.
The annual sales and net revenue of Embrace Innovations is $662,180. Embrace Innovations is a part of the Global Medical Technology industry which has a revenue of $336.2 billion (“Global medical technology industry: Revenue 2013”, 2015) Thus, the total market share of Embrace Innovations is .0002%. Although Embrace Innovations does not have a big piece of the medical technology pie, growth potential is tremendous. Based on the Embrace annual report, the number of infants the company reached in 2013 compared with 2014 grew by 174% (Villalobos).
This Embrace warmer is intended for use in hospitals, primarily in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs). Since this product is reusable and rechargeable, the Embrace warmer can serve its purpose again and again. The ability of the warmer to keep its heat for the six hour period is due to phase-change material (PCM). The bag inside the Embrace warmer “contains a pouch of a wax-like phase-change material that keeps babies warm for up to six hours at regular body temperatures. Not only is this infant warmer intuitive to use, but it requires only thirty minutes of electricity to heat up the PCM pouch — using a portable electric heater that comes with the product” (Radjou, Prabhu, Ahuja, 2012). This temperature regulation lasts for the first 28 days of the premature baby’s life.
consumer situation
The Brazilian health care system consists of two sectors, public health care and private health care. The public sector of the healthcare system provides care to all Brazilians, however, it is severely lacking. Many Brazilians have turned to private health care because they find the public system to be poorly run with unhelpful treatment and staff. In recent years the lack of faith in the public healthcare system has caused the private sector to grow tremendously. “Brazil is the largest medical equipment market in South America… [and] is both a major medical equipment producer and importer,”(“Healthcare Resource Guide,” 2015.). However, there are not currently any large manufacturers of advanced medical products in Brazil, so acquiring many advanced treatment devices is difficult in either sector. For this reason, “local buyers view US and other foreign products… as having comparable quality and reliability,”(“Healthcare Resource Guide,” 2015.) This has allowed for foreign companies to infiltrate the Brazilian market more easily, including the United States, which alone currently holds approximately 30% of the medical import market in that country. US companies mainly carry out these transactions by pairing with local agents or distributors who handle sales to hospitals and clinics around the country.
A few cultural factors also provide great potential for the Embrace warmer in Brazil. First, the education of women has drastically improved in Brazil and in South America in ge

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