Sensationalism, communications assignment help

For my topic I would choose: Sensationalism the tendency for the press to play up and dwell on stories that are sensational – murders, car crashes, kidnappings, sex scandals and the like.

The goal of the final Learning Team paper and presentation is to demonstrate effective social science analyses of current controversies regarding the way mass media affects contemporary American life.

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For this paper, I must identify and critique a current mass communication or media issue you consider substantial and worthy of research. Examples include the role motion pictures play in promoting or demeaning American family relationships, the role of advertising in promoting or preventing obesity, the role of Internet file-sharing in promoting free expression of ideas, or encouraging piracy of intellectual property, and so forth.

I must explain the nature and history of the controversy and identify the major conflicting points of view in the discussion.

Then, analyze related controversies and critique the relevant arguments from the following social science perspectives:

·Social Learning Theory

·Individual Differences Theory

Choose one social sciences or cultural studies perspectives or theories to critique a political, social, orcultural issue in contemporary mass communication. Explain the theory and justify its selection to analyze the issue or controversy. Explain, with specific examples, and analyze this issue or controversy as it relates to the following medium:



Finally, submit my research findings and conclusions in 400 words

Include citations to support the research from three different peer-reviewed outside sources.

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